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ERASMUS PROGRAM + | International Mobility PAS and PDI

What is it?

The Erasmus+ Programme, developed by the European Commission, aims to foster interchange, cooperation and mobility between education systems and training within the twenty - eight member states of the European Union, in addition to the three members of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), as well as Turkey and Switzerland.

1. Mobility for
Professors to Teach (Teaching Stay)

The grant of this activity is based on the consecution of the following objectives:
  1. Allow students to take part in the mobility scheme by sharing knowledge and expertise in higher education institutions from other European countries' academic staff.
  2. Promote the expertise exchange and experience on pedagogical methods.
  3. Encourage higher education institutions to broaden and enrich the range and content of courses.
The features of this programme are:
  1. A teaching programme organised by a teacher from a high education institution which contributes to other high education institution partner including activities set up by both institutions.
  2. Participants will be accredited teachers with an Erasmus University Agreement (EUC / X) or eligible staff from companies.
  3. The teacher education program in Teaching Stay should be included into the degree's programmes.

2. Mobility for Admnistration Staff and Professors to Learn (Training Stay)

The grant of this action is based on the two types of mobility:

  1. UDIMA Staff Mobility to a company: The goal is to enable beneficiaries to learn from sharing knowledge or skills and acquire good practices. The activities can range from seminars, workshops, courses and conferences, periods of practical training to short secondments, etc.
  2. Professors and UDIMA Staff Mobility to other high education instutition partner whose bilateral agreement is not necessary.
The aim is to enable beneficiaries to share multicultural experiences and practices within partner institutions and to enhance skills, procedures and knowledge to achive a wider understanding of the European education. The main activity is a short stay in the partner institution that could consist on short secondments, job shadowing , study visits, etc.

3. IMOTION Erasmus Staff Training

This Programme is focused on Universities' Staff to cooperate, research and develop between European Universities.
offers staff weeks programmes scheduled in different periods of time along the year.

In this link you might look up the programme that matches to your interests.

4. Mobility Erasmus coordinators

If you are Erasmus Academic Coordinator and perform an international mobility you can take advantage of your stay by:

  1. Making preparatory visits: promoting cooperation with departments, centers or universities which have not signed interagency agreements under the Erasmus program and in order to be associated with them.
  2. Following - up visits: at partner universities to contribute to strengthening cooperation and exchange information with centers and departments that already has signed agreements mobility. In particular, these follow - up visits aim at achieving equivalence tables for the recognition of studies.


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