Erasmus+ Udima International Mobility Programme


The Mobility Programme International UDIMA (PMIU) lasts 24 months and aims to improve the skills and abilities of PAS and PDI of the Open University of Madrid (UDIMA) through its participation in two programs differentiated training. Programme partners and hosts are the Marconi University (partner of Italy) and the University Riedlingen (partner of Germany). 

According to the Plan of Internationalization of UDIMA and, as a result of the youth of the University, they have been identified the following needs in terms of internationalization:

  1. Internationalization of institutional culture.

  2. Teaching and research with an international dimension.

  3. Development of mobility programmes aimed at PAS and PDI.

The main areas for improvement identified in the staff and in the UDIMA itself are:

  • Adopting internationalization policies from exceptional and experienced universities.
  • Improving management internationalization skills of the University.
  • Working on strengthening relationships with other European universities.
  • Internationalization of the training offered by the University.
  • Encouraging the active participation of universities in European R + D + i. 
  • Establishing effective mobility policies aimed at PAS and PDI (teaching and training placements in other European universities).

Furthermore, the participation in this international mobility program will enable participants to :

  • International mobility of faculty for promotion and improvement of teaching quality.
  • Strengthing the curriculum vitae of faculty and staff.
  • Improving the language skills of teachers and other staff.
  • Acquisition of best practices in the use of new learning tools.
  • Learning and acquiring good practice to apply different methods of teaching and learning.
  • Sharing knowledge and good practices relating to multimedia and digital for the design and production of educational material communication.
  • Acquisition of knowledge and good practices for the design and production of educational materials and enhancing university education e-learning .
The main objective of the program is PMIU participants improve their digital skills and their professional and language skills , and the participating universities strengthen their collaboration and develop their internationalization strategies . The methodology for developing the mobility program is based on the use of Information Technology for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the mobility program. 

In turn, the program presents a broadcasting system permanently to ensure that the information reaches all potential stakeholders (Broadcasting Plan, Operating Plan and Results Transfer Plan).