Teaching and non-teaching Staff Mobility at the UDIMA

The UDIMA is known as a high-quality, multi-disciplinary and ICT-research university. The university is also very international and world-open. This means that we are always interested in receiving visitors, in creating new contacts and also in reinforcing the existing cooperation with high-level universities.

The UDIMA faces the mobility of researchers, teachers and administrative staff as an effective contribution towards the Internationalisation. Also the UDIMA is very happy to welcome either teaching or non-teaching staff visitors, according to the rules of the Erasmus Programme and in case there is availability in the different Department/Unit to be visited and in case it suits the academic calendar of the UDIMA.

For statistic purpose, we ask all the visitors (teaching and non-teaching staff) to complete an application form and send a scanned copy back to the International Relations Office by email (international@udima.es) together with a resume of her/his CV.

Incoming ERASMUS staff Teaching Mobility (STA)

This activity offers the possibility, for a teacher from a partner university in Europe, to stay at our university for teaching proposes, teaching a subject integrated in the academic curriculum of the UDIMA. For the STA there should exist a bilateral agreement between the UDIMA and your university and an invitation letter. The sending university is responsible for organizing the administrative process and also for paying the Erasmus grant to the visiting teacher at the UDIMA.

If you are planning to do a Staff Teaching Assignment (STA) at the UDIMA, first of all we advise you to contact directly to the International Relations Office to make enquiries about the possibility and timing of the visit. The International Relations Office will help you to organize all the details of the visit (dates, duration and content of the Teaching Programme). and it's usually the person responsible for the teachers' final acceptance.

Incoming ERASMUS Staff Training (STT)

The Erasmus+ Programme, through the Erasmus Staff Training, offers the possibility also for administrative staff to participate in mobility activities at partner universities. We would like to encourage the staff interested in visiting the UDIMA within the Staff Training action of the Erasmus programme.

Visitors who are interested in mobility and international affairs or in some other field of administration or units please contact directly to the International Relations Office of UDIMA to make enquiries about the possibility and timing of the visit. This offers a unique possibility to get better acquainted and share experiences and best practices with colleagues from partner universities.

Looking forward to meeting you in Madrid!

Contact at the International Relations Office:
Institutional Coordinator >>
Phone number: (+34) 918 56 16 99 | (+34) 911 89 69 99
E-mail: erasmus-movilidad@udima.es